Thursday Gatherings

We have a weekly gathering every Thursday from 15:00-20:00 full of interesting programs – all in English. Feel free to drop by any time on any Thursday!


Innovation in Sport!

Thursday Gathering June 1st

16:00–19:00 Info Table: FITSHE
Did you know good nutrition makes a big difference to the effect of your workout? We believe your active body deserves only the best 100% natural protein nourishment. Have a look at our products which we perfected for you and your lifestyle.

17:00–19:00 Office Hours: Start up Coach - Cor the Coach - Cor the Coach
The office hours provided by Cor the Coach, will be on startups building their companies. If you want to start your business, or you already started one less than 2 years ago, you can have a session with Cor the Coach.

Ready to launch internationally? Apply for the SIB-subsidy and receive free coaching from experienced business consultants OF ENTRY2MARKET. We offer guidance, assistance and advice on all aspects related to internationalization.

17:00–17:30 Break Out: Maximize your Venture Café experience
During this session, we will maximize your Venture Café experience, with short introductions and new connections!

17:30–18:30 Break Out: How to become better than yesterday! - Rawsome Life
In life, business and sports people want to achieve the highest possible. People tend to focus on the new thing to create better results. Diepak Kasi will uncover how to become better than yesterday, while maintaining a sense of fulfilment.

17:30–18:00 Break Out: Performance at the flick of a switch - Propeaq - By Chrono Eyewear
Want to know how 2016 Olympic athletes prevented a jet lag? Join this inspirational session where we show how you can improve your performance by managing your hormone levels with the use of a certain frequency of blue light...

18:00–19:00 Break Out: GetFunded010: up to €2.5M waiting for you! – VanPaz / Gemeente Rotterdam
Can you use up to €2.5M euros in funding to boost your business? The Municipality of Rotterdam will pay professional grant consultants to get you there, with no costs for you! Are you an innovative company? Then join our session!

18:00–19:00 Break Out: Gamification in action sports - WOO Sports
Gamification in action sports introduced by WOO Sports Inc. Want to know how to build a meaningful game to increase your user engagement? Come find out!

18:30–19:00 Break Out: Grand challenges of sports entrepreneurs - Sport eXperience
Sports is a challenge, how do other entrepreneurs cope with these challenges? Let's share experiences and join us so we can elaborate on how we support sport entrepreneurs in their (inter)national growth ambitions!

These are the confirmed events so far. Changes to the program may occur.

Innovation in Aerospace

Thursday Gathering June 8th

16:00–19:00 Info Table: Launch your idea with the ESNC - SBIC Noordwijk
The European Satellite Navigation Competition is an annual competition for innovative ideas in the field of satellite navigation. And seeks out people who are creative, ambitious, who are not scared to take a step further and think out of the box.

18:00–19:00 Break Out: Space Exploration from Telescope to Colonization - Space Explorers NL
A presentation about space exploration and space travel. How did we start our quest to explore space and where are we now? And... what are the possibilities for the near and distant future? Join us!

These are the confirmed events so far. Changes to the program may occur.


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