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Every week we host our Thursday Gathering from 15:00-20:00 full of interesting programming. Feel free to drop by any time on a Thursday!

Venture Café is supported by wonderful people that volunteer their time to make every Thursday gathering an amazing experience for our guests. Without them it would not be possible; here are their stories!


HTS Mechanical – Energy – Waste. Transitie. Business network. Golf en Soccer


Rob Steine

I am a self-taught computer scientist with a master degree in business. My aim is to make the world a magical and better place using the latest technologies. My current focus is on Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality.


Adriaan Rijkens

Studying Entrepreneurship, now writing my thesis. Interests: Start-ups, golf, football and socializing.


Ilya Breitner

Currently Rutger is working as a growth hacker at Cocoon app, the Tinder for startup jobs. He can tell you all about landing a job at a Dutch Startup. User engagement gets Rutger going. Sports junkie & espresso lover. Ass-kicker on FIFA & occasional runner in the park who listens to italo disco.


Rutger van Stigt Thans

Education: Econometrics. Been programming since I was 11. Passonate about art, snowboarding, technology, design, food, fashion, LEGO, electronic music, making the internet a better place. Check linkedIn for more info.

Remco Slotboom

Background in business administration, entrepreneurship and experience in business development. I ve got interest and passion for personal, organizational and societal efficiency and effectiveness. Therefore love to learn, tell people and do good leadership. Also I love to sport and relax with friends, read an interesting book or listen to good music!

Erwin van Rooijen


Background in Automotive Engineering, which got me involved in the future of mobility. Worked at two large automotive companies (General Motors, Renault), which sucks when you want to innovate. I started the company 2,5 years ago, and we now want to create more mobility with less cars. We just launched the beta version of our car sharing platform, and are looking for participants: car owners and people who occasionally need cars. Shared Tesla’s, BMW’s, and Porsches for everyone.


Niki Sie

I am a ‘Rotterdammer’ in the true sense of the word. I have a passion for our city and love helping it develop, progress and grow through my job as communications advisor at Rotterdam Partners. Working together with people and organisations with different backgrounds, beliefs and agendas, but with a common goal and purpose: to help Rotterdam move forward! I also love running, playing golf, (fine) dining, movies (GO IFFR!!), reading and writing… oh so many things, so little time

Robert Eijkelestam

Erik holds both a Law (M. Sc.) and MBA (OneMBA) degree from Erasmus University Rotterdam / Rotterdam School of Business. He is a serial entrepreneur, investor and passionate about innovation! After a successful exit earlier this year where he sold his IT business to a Californian group, he now focuses on taking Parhelion global, an American / Dutch scale-up developing and marketing LDG – Laser Diffraction Grating, the lighting technology of the 21st century. Come and find out what Parhelion is up to and give us your feedback during live product demonstrations!

Erik Wellen

Daniel Maas is a student and an entrepreneur. He studies Entrepreneurship at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and works on a startup in the Digital Out Of Home advertising industry. The world needs bold ideas to be realised and Daniel believes he can make that happen. The power is in the connection. Are you looking for someone to connect with? Want to discuss an idea or business? Hit Daniel up for a chat, he’d love to help out!

Daniel Maas

I’ve never just done something. I believe it’s interesting to look at the world around us and think about what could be different. Better. More interesting. That’s why I started The Fittery. Because it’s not off this world anymore to work out when your gym has the time to host you. You decide when. Where. With whom. The Fittery. Your work out, on demand.

Lieke Remmelts

Finishing the master in strategic entrepreneuship in Erasmus University, Julian is now working as Users Acquisition Manager. With interests in analytics and with creative hands on approach, Julian is applying growth hacking technics to Unitiator. Entusiastic and passioned with start-ups, he wants to give his contribution at this early stage of Unitiator.

Julian Scholten

I hold a degree in Public Administration and Political Science from the Erasmus University Rotterdam. After my studies I worked in the municipality of Rotterdam, Delft, Rotterdam again, Moerdijk and other places as a policy advisor of the mayors in the field of safety and security management and crisis management. Subjects I encountered during those years handled about local safety, heroin prostitutes, youth nuisance, criminal youths, discrimination, harbor safety (ISPS), drug problems and fighting illegal marijuana nurseries and more. What I do best is solving problems, call me a troubleshooter.

Gerryt Hooning