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Thursday Gatherings

We have a weekly gathering every Thursday from 15:00-20:00 full of interesting programs – all in English. Feel free to drop by any time on any Thursday!


Monthly theme
Diversity & Resilience

The Resilient City

Thursday Gathering September 28th

10:30–21:00 Special Event: The Resilient City
On Thursday, September 28th, we welcome innovative startups, corporates and governments to strengthen resilient Rotterdam.

16:00–19:00 Info Table: Rotterdammertjes, de bouwstenen van Rotterdam - Rotterdammertjes
Olaf Ouwerkerk launched a new typical Rotterdam candy called Rotterdammertjes - de bouwstenen van Rotterdam. During this break out, Olaf will tell the audience about his concept.

16:00–19:00 Info Table: Starting with international business - Kamer van Kooophandel
Same as above

18:00–18:30 Break Out: A Reflective Mindset - Uncovering the psychological mechanisms to a more resilient and longer life. - LEAD TCM&L™
This talk will introduce the concept of a 'Reflective Mindset' and reveal new scientific findings about the psychological mechanisms underlying a more resilient, meaningful and longer life.

These are the confirmed events so far. Changes to the program may occur.


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